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Shanghai Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical (Anyang) Co., Ltd.

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Strict quality control to ensure product quality


Strict quality control to ensure product quality

Quality is the life of an enterprise. We always put quality first. Without quality, companies have no way to survive.

Small-volume injection is a high-risk product. In the control of product quality, we always adhere to the principle of “never accept the mistake of the previous process, never allow this process to go wrong, and never bring the error to the next process. "Strictly control the quality, we start from the bit by bit, pay attention to every link in the production, causing the great attention of the staff. First of all, we start from the preparation process, strictly abide by the post SOP, process rules, control product quality - traits, PH content, aseptic control, insoluble particles, visible foreign bodies, etc. In order to ensure product quality, we sample in time after filling Do the inspection, re-sampling and re-inspection after sterilization, carry out data comparison analysis, strictly control each control point of the process, sterilization is an important link to ensure product quality, and the risk point of high-risk products is aseptic, pyrogen (endotoxin), Rather, the content is lower, the PH is lower, the insoluble particles are higher, and the water, electricity, and steam in the workshop are guaranteed. This is the primary factor to ensure product quality. "Products are produced, not tested." It is our goal to do things right once. At present, the workshop organizes production, optimizes the variety while improving software work.