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Care for the Kyushu cause, look at the world market


Care for the Kyushu cause, look at the world market

Many times, when we do something, what we often lack is not knowledge and ability, but the mind, vision and realm. Take our warehouse clerk, although the position is not ordinary, but because the company's products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other parts of the world, so stand in the warehouse to look at the world, put the company brand in the chest, do the warehouse clerk jobs.

A person who is as broad as the sea, although sometimes engaged in the most ordinary work. But they never blame others, self-defeating, but work hard, work hard, selfless dedication, not to lose money. In the ordinary position, he created extraordinary achievements.

Lack of knowledge can be learned, enriched, and incapable. It can be trained and strengthened. It is not an easy task to expand the mind, broaden the horizon, and sublimate the realm. It requires constant learning, introspection, quenching, cultivation and shackles. If you have a realm of doing things, you will become a benevolent, wise, and benevolent, and you will be invincible.

Be careful when it becomes bigger. We have a pair of eyes, a pair of hands, an ear, a sight that can't be seen by the eye, and the heart can feel it; the heart can touch it without the hand, and the heart can hear it. Doing things with heart can clearly distinguish between right and wrong, insight into the autumn; doing things with heart, can be ingenious, and skillfully born in the roots; doing things with heart, can come to the wind from all sides, and create Huigen. Everything in the world, everything can only do things well and do a good job.

It is difficult for us to be great, but we can have the same mind as a great man. We can't feel the big things that are earth-shattering, but we can use the mentality of the big realm to do ordinary little things, don't put our hearts on the palm of your hand, under the eyes. If you want to put your heart on the mountains and the sea, and the heart of the mountains, you will "high me as the peak" and "list the mountains and small". Seeing countless wonderful scenery and concentrating on the sea, you will "confident life for two hundred years, will be three thousand miles of water," and "stand the tide, show the true character of the hero."