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Kyushu Briefing Issue 168


  [Work dynamics]

  Decision on awards for the Kyushu Nine Awards for 2017


In 2017, all employees of the company based on their own duties, dedication, hard work and dedication, have achieved remarkable results. In order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff and effectively promote the company's various work, the company has passed the "double push and two combination and one concentration" method according to the 2017 "Kyushu Nine Awards" staff evaluation work, and the evaluation has been awarded the 2017 " Kyushu Nine Awards "Employees. The company decided to commend and reward 100 employees each of the 41 employees of the Kyushu Nine Awards in 2017. The list of employees who won the “Kyushu Nine Awards” in 2017 is as follows:

Red Flag Award for Safety Production: Wang Xiuli, Xu Xiaotong, Qi Jianjun, Liu Baoqing;

Quality Standard Elite Award: Fu Xuemei, Li Yanying, Liu Qing, Wan Yu;

Environmental Protection Star Award: Wang Yongjun;

Innovation and Creation Pioneer Award: Zhao Guangzhou, Yan Shuai, Feng Anshun, Liu Xuena,

Li Keyu;

Production Labor Model Award: Guo Taiyong, Xu Ziyou, Zheng Qiulan, Li Xiaobei,

Xu Sumei, Zhang Xiujuan, Li Zongming, Chen Wenqing,

Xu Aixue;

Chuanhu Huzhu Award: Sha Xiumin, Lu Haiyan, Li Yan, Wang Xuezhen;

Starlight Award for Quality Service: Guo Xijun, Guo Yumin, Xu Aihong, Zhang Mengzhong,

Wang Chenxi, Fan Wenhua;

Compliance Management Glory Awards: Ma Anli, Wang Hongwei, Lian Fusheng, Yang Wenjun,

Wang Dongling, Wei Qingchun;

Carry out the activity model award: Qin Yu, violent ice crystal.

Shanghai Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical (Anyang) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical (Anyang) Co., Ltd. Trade Union Committee

  [New Year's heart]


Man Jianghong

----Participate in Kyushu

Baodi Tangyin, New Year's Club, Kyushu Pharmaceutical.

Today, the sword is out of Yubei, and the dream is flying.

Feixue knows the time to add color, and the songs are full of sings and sings.

Qunying gathers, brings the high winds of the pharmaceutical industry and opens up new looks.

For the first time, what is the newspaper,

Soldiers want to work, build grain rice.

Leverage all strengths and work hard.

The heroes are recruited by Dazhi, and the craftsmen are sculpted.

Establishing characteristics, creating high-tech market and increasing efficiency.

  Suzhou Aosheng Biotechnology Company: Zhu Xinhai

  Make persistent efforts and make new contributions


In 2017, under the correct leadership of the company, the small-volume injection workshop worked together and worked hard to produce 150 million good results for small-volume injections. The staff of the workshop was led by Ma, and the level of ideological awareness and business skills was great. The progress and great improvement have ensured the quality of products and safe production, and continue to maintain the high quality of products for many years, and produce a good tradition and good style of zero accidents.

In the new year of 2018, the injection workshop should have a new atmosphere, but also have new ideas. We should focus on improving the quality and quality skills of the staff, strengthen quality vocational education, continuously improve the concept of compliance, and continuously improve the quality of the profession. Provide inexhaustible power, establish advanced quality models, advocate excellence, encourage more employees to pursue excellence in quality, promote the overall improvement of the quality of injection products, establish a clear quality orientation, develop the foundation of quality, and deliver positive energy for quality development. Vigorously promote the spirit of craftsmanship, the spirit of excellence, and climb the peak of quality to create a united, excellent and efficient team of small-capacity injection workshops.

  Injection workshop: Qin Yu

  New year new weather new measures


2018 is a year of transformation and upgrading of the antibiotic workshop. We must carry forward the spirit of Kyushu and the spirit of artisans, and do the following work in a down-to-earth manner:

1. Grasp the safety production: Safety is the guarantee for the normal operation of production. In addition to strengthening education in daily work, it is necessary to hang more safety warning signs at the work site and attach more safety warning slogans. With fire equipment, equipped with full-time security staff, more inspections, more reminders, more supervision, to prevent illegal operations. The equipment status indicator is complete and conspicuous, especially the process direction is marked on the process pipeline, and the control name is hung on the valve to avoid misoperation.

2. Do a good job in environmental protection: In the production process of the workshop, the goal of clean production should be achieved. The waste gas generated should be treated by the tail gas recovery system. Special treatment should be carried out in special places. The waste gas, waste water and waste residue should be discharged scientifically and reasonably.

3. Grasp the quality of products: work hard to improve product quality, improve quality, reduce costs, pursue 100% pass rate of product quality, produce products that customers can rest assured, and build a famous brand.

  Antibiotic workshop: Wang Hongwei

  Seize the opportunity to the future


Opportunities are rare and opportunities are fleeting. Opportunities are not only "machines" but also "experiences". They have seized and used them well, and they have not lost the gift of the times and the favor of history. The company's aim at high-end technology and speeding up the construction of nucleoside workshops is an important measure to seize the historical opportunity of transformation and upgrading and cultivate new economic growth points.

The nucleoside workshop is based on the original three-synthesis workshop. It was expanded by the company and Shanghai Yupeng. It will start construction in August 2017. By the year of 2018, the plant, equipment installation, process pipeline renovation, sewage treatment, odor recovery and other projects will be carried out. The construction of the facility is coming to an end. It is expected that the production will be commissioned before the Spring Festival and will be officially started after the festival.

Now the nucleoside workshop is doing pre-production preparation work to ensure the smooth trial production. In the production process, we must strive for excellence, high standards and strict requirements, combine the actuality of our workshops, adhere to the quality first policy, and meet the environmental protection requirements to achieve standard discharge. With the concept of compliance, the spirit of “three more” will improve on-site management, quality control and cost reduction.

When the opportunity of history is once again in front of us, we are more confident than ever at any time in history. We must firmly grasp the opportunity of nucleoside workshop construction, broaden our horizons, down-to-earth, bravely set up new achievements, and strive for new things. .

  Nucleoside workshop: Tongjiahong

  Adhere to the concept of compliance to guide the company's production


In 2018, Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceuticals implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, a key year for improving quality and winning and revitalizing. The production department will closely focus on the overall arrangement of the company, and the nine major goals will be implemented in the spirit of the 19th Party Congress. Adhere to the concept of compliance and the "three more" principle, innovate to guide the company's production, implement the fine management of each section, and do the following work in a down-to-earth manner:

First, with the compliance concept and the "three more" principle as the guiding principle, coordinate the production of each workshop, go deep into the workshop to understand the production situation, communicate with the workshop staff, meet the needs of the workshop, coordinate the production of each workshop, and assist the workshop to improve the products. Quality, do a good job in transformation and upgrading. Strengthen the management of power systems, ensure the normal operation of power equipment, ensure the supply of water, electricity, steam and wind; do a good job in energy conservation, emission reduction, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and serve the production line.

Second, focus on the company's environmental protection work, so that the environmental protection work of each workshop embarked on institutionalized and compliant management. At the same time, we will increase environmental protection supervision, monitor the rational use of environmental protection facilities in each workshop, monitor pollution production, pollution control measures, and sewage discharge data, and formulate detailed sewage discharge standards and sewage discharge plans for each workshop to ensure that pollutants meet emission standards. Increase the penalties for the illegal use of smuggling and treatment facilities, and urge the workshop to actively participate in environmental protection and form a good atmosphere for me to govern.

Third, external reference, enhance environmental management capabilities, as the environmental situation is becoming more and more severe, it is necessary to build a strong environmental management team. Since the company has few environmental protection professionals and has not been professionally trained, it is difficult to control environmental protection. Therefore, we need to introduce professional talents, improve management, and make our environmental protection work better and stronger, so that environmental protection can be improved. Achieve cleaner production and pave the way for future development.

Fourth, strengthen safety production management, improve the company's various safety rules and regulations, sign safety responsibility letters with each workshop, do a good job in the three-level safety education and safety training for employees, and strengthen inspections, organize once every two months. Safety inspections, and supervision of accident hazards, to eliminate accidents in the bud.

5. Self-pressurization, strengthen learning and improvement, improve the business level of individuals and departments, and continuously improve the overall strength of the production department.

  Production Department: Wang Yongjun

  Strengthen fine management and do financial work

  According to the company's 2018 overall work arrangement, the financial department must meet strict requirements, focus on cooperation and production overalls, adhere to the principle of compliance and fine management, face new changes in cooperative production and management, innovate financial management, and meet new challenges. Our financial department management work has taken it to the next level. First, on the basis of the original results, continue to optimize the accounting procedures and content, in order to better provide the necessary financial data for internal and external. The second is to strengthen the familiarity with the business of each workshop, and strictly regulate the integrity, legality and rationality of the financial information of each workshop. Reasonably avoiding the risk of accounting, should be checked by all parties. Pay attention to the new tax policy, strengthen internal personnel tax knowledge training, and implement new policies in place to reduce tax risks for the company. The third is to continuously improve the learning method and emphasize the learning effect. “Learning at work, working in learning”, insisting on applying what you have learned, focusing on integration, linking theory with practice, consolidating and using new knowledge, new thinking and new enlightenment. Enrich comprehensive knowledge and continuously improve its comprehensive ability.

  Finance Department: Ma Ling

  Be down to earth to do your job


As a company employee, you must work hard and work hard in your own jobs to realize the value of life and create a colorful life. My work experience: First, we must combine our own jobs and our own work tasks with the company's central work and big goals and tasks; second, we must actively seek knowledge, enhance professional skills, and improve business skills, such as warehouse work. Ordinary, trivial, but can not be sloppy, so to strengthen the professionalism, and constantly improve the ability to analyze and solve problems, to constantly correct their own work style, to guide and promote their work ability; third, as a middle manager In addition, in order to enhance the quality of our warehouse management team, in addition to strengthening internal training in the new year, we also have to go out to neighboring companies to visit and learn from others. Management mode. In addition, we must regularly invite company leaders to come to the warehouse for simulation inspections to improve the inspection capabilities.

In short, in order to achieve the company's 2018 production and operation goals, all of our warehouse staff are determined to unite, do their duty, be brave enough to perform well, complete various tasks, and make new achievements in their posts.

  Storage and Transportation Department: Wang Dongling

  The company held the 2018 annual meeting and advanced recognition meeting

  On January 26, 2018, the company's annual meeting and advanced recognition meeting with the theme of "cooperation, cooperation, and win-win" was held at the beautiful Tanghe Riverside Regal Club. All the cadres above the middle level of the company, as well as 41 employees who won the “Kyushu Nine Awards”, gathered together and were happy. The annual meeting was filled with the festive atmosphere of the New Year. Zhang Lixia, the general manager of the company, delivered a speech first. The chairman of the labor union, Li Zhiping, read the decision to recognize the employees of the Kyushu Nine Awards. Zhao Wenwu, the chairman of the company, and Zhang Lixia, the general manager of the company, held a grand award ceremony for the award-winning employees. Later, the workshops and departments improvised and performed a variety of cultural and artistic programs, followed by applause, singing, and cheers, which merged into a sea of joy. In particular, Zhao Wenwu, the chairman of the company, and Zhang Lixia, the general manager of the company, each took the lead to sing the songs, citing the literary and art circles again and again.

  The following is a wonderful picture of the annual meeting.


  General Manager Zhang Lixia addressed the annual meeting


  Company leaders awarded awards for the safe production of Red Flag employees


  Company leaders award awards to quality assurance elite employees


  Company leaders award awards to employees of the Production Model Workers Award


  The company's leaders presented awards to the staff of the Red Cross Awards


  Company leaders awarded awards to the Compliance Management Glory Awards


  Company leaders award awards for innovation and pioneering awards


  Company leaders award awards for Starlight Awards for Quality Service


  The company's leaders awarded the award for the Environmental Protection Star Award and the staff of the activity pacesetter


  The company’s leading group chorus: “People paddle the big ship”


  Chairman Zhao Wenwu sang Chairman Mao's poem: "The Long March: The Red Army is not afraid of the expedition"


  Zhao Wenwu, Chairman of the Board, and Zhu Xinhai, General Manager of Suzhou Aosheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


  General Manager Zhang Lixia sang the TV series "Woman and Well" episode "Destiny is not"


  The staff of the injection workshop performed a happy sports program: basketball game


  Synthetic Workshop Director Yan Congliang Performs Little Magic: Magical Rope


  Yang Shuya, director of the central laboratory, sang: "Tomorrow will be better"


  Antibiotic workshop staff chorus: "Youngsters do not say anything"


  Injecting workshop staff performing fun pieces: turning eggs


  Collective chorus of employees in the injection workshop: "Unity is power"


  Antibiotic workshop employee Feng Zhonghong sang: "Yan Nanfei"


  Chairman Zhao Wenwu sang: "The Legend of Muyu Stone"


  Chen Yongjie, the manager of the injection workshop, sang: "The rolling waters of the Yangtze River"


  Zheng Qiulan, a synthetic workshop employee, sang: "My happiness is thinking of you"


  Chen Wenqing, a power plant employee, sang: "The loyalty to the country"


  Financial storage and transportation system staff performance: three and a half


  Synthetic workshop collective chorus: "Happy New Year"


  Quality supervision technology laboratory system collective chorus: "Love China"


  Collective Chorus of Production Finance and Storage System: "Friends"


  Quality Supervision and Testing System staff chorus: "Congratulations! Congratulations! 》


  Wu Li, deputy director of the central laboratory, sang: "Red Plum"


  Zhu Xinsheng, general manager of Suzhou Aosheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


  Wang Hongwei, director of the antibiotic workshop, sang: "The sound of the waves is still"


  Assistant General Manager Zhao Zhiyu and General Manager Chen Yi of the Second Synthetic Workshop: "Heart Hero"


  Chen Wenqing, a power plant employee, sang: "Filling the wine"


  Assistant General Manager Zhao Zhiyu sang: "Coin"


  The injection workshop employee Xu Sumei and the violent ice chorus: "Heart Rain"


  Chairman Zhao Wenwu and General Manager Zhang Lixia sang: "Who is it for?"


  Liu Baoqing, a staff member of the Security Office, sang: "My Heart of China"


Antibiotic workshop employee Feng Zhonghong and power workshop employee Chen Wenqing sang: "Tianlu"


  The company's collective chorus: "Socialism is good", "unforgettable future"