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Kyushu Briefing Issue 167


  [Important deployment]

  Looking back and working together to achieve win-win

  -----2017 work review and 2018 work plan


I. Summary of work in 2017

In 2017, in the face of strict environmental control and the complicated situation of all parties, the company recognized the advantages and disadvantages of Jindi Kyushu, made up for its strengths and weaknesses, and strived to build a good cooperation platform, accurately grasp the situation, scientifically judge the decision-making, and work hard to make the work done. The company's production and management have made historic achievements, the new cooperative production and transformation projects have been vigorously promoted, and the economic structure of transformation and upgrading has been optimized and combined, and the overall situation of cooperative production and operation is more dynamic and vital. Due to the shortcomings and shortcomings of the company itself, as well as the shortage of funds, the weak marketing of injections, the unsatisfactory development of new products, the lack of technical talents and other factors, it is a big problem to strive for the full victory of the “93121” target. The output value is 61.5 million yuan, and the profit and tax is 3.1 million yuan. However, the company's economic development has leapt to a new level, and it is getting stronger and healthier. It has laid a solid foundation for the realization of the dream of Kyushu.

Second, the work plan for 2018

In 2018, the company carried out the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and guided the new practice with new ideas. It was the first year of the revitalization of Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical. It is essential to do a good job in 2018. We must adhere to the concept of green and environmentally friendly clean production, closely follow the major contradictions and changes in the company's cooperative production and operation, and focus on the overall situation of cooperation and win-win production and management, in accordance with quality first, green environmental protection, production safety and efficiency. The principle of priority is to promote quality change, efficiency change, power change, work together, work hard, achieve the total output value of production and operation of 150 million yuan, and achieve the goal of 10 million yuan.

On the basis of clarifying the general tone of work next year, we must focus on the following key tasks and strive to achieve solid progress and significant breakthroughs. First, production management standards, environmental protection has been comprehensively controlled to achieve clean production standards; second, quality management is efficient, system supervision capability is significantly improved; third, employees are excellent in quality, work ability and skills are substantially improved; fourth, enterprise quality capabilities, products The optimization and R&D innovation capabilities have been significantly enhanced; the fifth is to expand the marketing market and form a new marketing team to innovate marketing methods.

While we are fully committed to the key tasks of the year, we must focus on nine important work initiatives:

1. Guide the new practice of Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceuticals with the new spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China;

Second, in accordance with the concept of compliance production and management, more communication, more understanding, and more support for the "three more" principle, and promote the smooth progress of the company's work;

Second, to operate a new mechanism through the integration of functional services and performance supervision, to supervise, help, promote and disseminate, teach, and adopt a new method of organic integration to enhance the management capabilities of functional departments;

Third, to fulfill the responsibility of quality, environmental protection and safety as a whole, and to shape the corporate image of the company's brand;

Fourth, in order to grasp the marketing breakthrough of injection and arabin series products, expand the product sales market;

5. To speed up the certification of diclofenac potassium and cinnarizine, expand the business scope, and enhance the development potential of the enterprise;

Sixth, with knowledge, skill, and innovation as the standard, internal training and external guidance to create a talent team;

Seventh, grasp the product process to optimize the external lead ring adenosine monophosphate, hydroxylamine hydrochloride and other new products as a breakthrough to accelerate the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading;

Eighth, to upgrade and transform coal-fired incinerators into gas incinerators as a bright spot, leading a new mode of conservation and recycling of raw materials;

IX. Taking the new integrated raw material drug workshop as the economic growth point, and lengthening the industrial chain to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products.

We will achieve the major goals of production and operation next year, do a good job in key tasks, and implement important work initiatives. The management cadres at all levels of the company must not forget their original intentions, move forward, adhere to their convictions, fulfill their duties, be brave enough to act, work hard, implement and unite. The employees have completed all kinds of production tasks and made new achievements in their respective positions.

  Committee of Shanghai Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical (Anyang) Co., Ltd.

  [Kyushu Wenyuan]


New era Xinhuazhang

------To celebrate the New Year's Day in 2018

The party flag is high and the national anthem is high.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened a new chapter.

The national revival dream, the marching number blew.

New ideas, action guides,

The strong country and the strong party, Ma Licheng carried forward.

Entering a new era, condensing new energy,

Learn new theories and re-arm.

Clarify the new journey and win the election.

Keep in mind the new mission, take responsibility,

Frequent transmission of the newspaper, the earth is full of poetry.

Entering the new era, the heart will never forget,

Green new concept, breakthrough quality,

Efficiency is a priority, and a new chapter in the transformation spectrum.

Production of the five-way army, Qi driving and competing,

The five functions of the system will enhance the supervision and assistance.

Entering a new era, a new vision of cooperation,

The times are strong and the wind is full of dreams.

Yongli’s head, dare to ask where is the road,

"Three more" urging flowers, compliance and fragrance.

Join hands and work together to win glory.

  Supervision Office: Li Zhiping

  Every day is spring


Recently, the employees of the company's Zhang office will be pleasantly surprised to see a pot of crab claws on the desk with lush lilac flowers. It is even more peculiar that these flowers grow on the top of the stems, and the flowers are clustered and open, and they also emit a fragrance. , either in full bloom or in need of release. The office of Zhang’s office is amazing. Don’t have a scene. See the flowers in full bloom, let everyone who is in the cold wind come to the warmth of the heart, and every flower seems to bloom at any time.

What is even more peculiar is that the crab claw orchid period is in the winter, which coincides with the opening of the New Year's Day and the Spring Festival, adding more joy and vitality. Seeing the crab-claw orchids in the office of Zhang’s office, in addition to letting us open our eyes, we also performed another unique life, which made us feel that spring is every day. Perhaps we usually give the spring flowers Xia Heqiu Chrysanthemum winter plums more and more praise, a very common pot of crab claw orchid, but let us realize the depth of life. Crab-claw lavender flowers, is it telling us that spring, in fact, exists every day. Our respect and love for spring is actually a yearning for hope. In spring, all things grow and recover, and there is hope and prosperity.

Spring is in the heart, life is in the world, and the history of the hundred enterprises is the same. Hope is actually contained in every day of life and history. No matter which season, which season is not too late, which season can be spent, the four seasons of reincarnation, life And the journey itself is a circle with beginning and end. Because Jindi Kyushu people have the dream, the embarrassment, the pursuit, the yearning and the love that do not forget the original heart, we are burning the years and youth in the predicament, or building a nest to attract the phoenix, or reorganizing, or working together. Forming a five-way army of cooperative production and management, and working together to achieve a win-win situation. Warmly illuminate themselves and warmly illuminate others. This is spring. This is hope, keeping hope, and maintaining corporate sustainability. the power of.

  Company Party Office: Li Zhiping

  [Trade union activity]

  Company trade unions visit households with difficulties


In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, further embody the company's care for employees, and focus on the annual rescue work for difficult employees. Recently, the company's trade unions organized grassroots trade unions to conduct visits to 7 extremely poor workers. Every time a poor family of workers, the company's trade unions have a detailed understanding of the living conditions and practical difficulties of the workers in difficulty, and listen to their opinions and suggestions. Through the visits of households, the company's trade unions carefully sorted out the difficult situations, registered and created the books, and unified the filing of the documents, laying a solid foundation for the next winter hardship relief work.

The following pictures are: The staff of the Ministry of Education of the General Union of Tangyin County conducted research activities on the rescue of employees in difficulties in the company, and the trade unions of the company organized the grassroots trade unions to visit the difficult employees.


  The leaders of the County Federation of Trade Unions promoted the rescue policy for employees in the company


  The leaders of the county federation of trade unions inspected the company’s difficulties


  The leaders of the county federation of trade unions are checking the summary information of employees in the company


  Visiting Xiao Zongyuan family of workers in the workshop


  A visit to the antibiotic workshop, a difficult employee Li Hongyan family


  Wang Xin family, a difficult worker in the injection workshop


  Home visit to the antibiotic workshop, the workers of Zheng Peijun


  Home visits to the power plant sewage station difficulties workers Hao Ruihong family


  Visiting the home of the security guard Zheng Guoqing family


  Home visits to the antibiotic workshop, difficult workers Wang Jiwei family

  Company union: Li Zhiping