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Kyushu Briefing Issue 166


  [Political events]

  Promote three major changes based on their own reality


Since 2009, Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical has been relocated from the “Retirement to the City” and has been in the process of transformation and upgrading. It has been more than 8 years. During the period, the company was struggling to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the development. The burden was heavy, the production and management were rampant, and the dangers were surrounded. Until the end of 2016, the production and operation situation tends to be better. According to the economic prosperity and commonality, enterprises have the policy of “returning to the city and entering the park”, and the cost of land and employment is low. There is also a favorable market for market expansion and environmental protection constraints. normal. However, the complexity and personality of each private economic entity are destined to be unbalanced and inadequate. Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical has the hardships that other private enterprises do not have, such as: the internal conception of the original enterprise has been born out of the traditional enterprise, many years of traditional varieties and single aging, many production facilities are worn out; external funds are difficult to get rid of The bureau, as well as the litigation dilemma of suffering a lot. With the above contradictions and problems, Jindi Kyushu people have not forgotten their initial intentions and have made progress, becoming a unique and up-and-coming person in the local industry in the industrial agglomeration area, especially the cooperation and win-win production and operation that is currently flourishing and strong. The mode has played a leading role in the demonstration.

In recent years, as China's economic development has entered a new normal change, we are also experiencing and experiencing many important changes. The labor and resource low-cost advantages are weakening, overcapacity and market shrinking pressure are increasing, and environmental protection and quality control are becoming more and more important. The stricter the situation, the overall quality of employees needs to be improved, the original motivation for technological innovation is insufficient, and the products have no core competitiveness. From the perspective of the factors and conditions supporting the company's economic growth, it mainly relies on the expansion of cooperative production and operation scale, and with the continuous expansion of the scale of cooperative production and operation, the company's economic structure and management methods have undergone great changes. In terms of the company's economic structure, the independence of each cooperative production and operation unit has diverted the company's economic profits, reduced the company's economic support for physical fitness and R&D and innovation, and failed to bring cure to the company's deadly injuries and difficulties. Breakthrough; management method, the management concept and operation rules of each cooperative production and operation unit are self-contained, and the company brings difficulties to the comprehensive management of employees. These changes have also increased the company's quality, environmental protection, safety and social responsibility, and increased the difficulty of implementation. More importantly, it must be clear that with the formation and normal operation of the cooperative production and operation pattern, at this stage, the main contradiction of our company's production and operation is that the concept of cooperative production and management is high quality, high efficiency, sustainable development and compliance with production and operation. In-depth, the contradiction between the implementation of quality and environmental safety responsibility is not strict enough.

We must realize that the main contradictory changes of the company are related to the historical changes of the company's overall situation, and put forward many new requirements for the company's various management work. On the basis of safeguarding the overall strategic goals of the company, we must grasp the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, use the 19th New Thought to guide our company's new practice, focus on solving the concept of in-depth implementation of compliance production and management, and strictly implement the quality and environmental protection safety subject. Responsibility issues, better promote the company to achieve the tasks of transformation and upgrading and strategic development goals.

How to solve the main contradictions of the company and achieve the strategic objectives and tasks, the party's 19th National Congress pointed out the efforts and the direction of progress for us. In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping pointed out: "China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. It is in the process of transforming the development mode, optimizing the economic structure, and transforming the growth momentum. Building a modern economic system is a cross-cutting point. The urgent requirements and the strategic goals of China's development. "Accelerating the construction of a modern economic system must be based on the emphasis of the party's 19th National Congress report, adhere to quality first, efficiency first, and supply-side structural reform as the main line to promote the quality of economic development. Change, efficiency change, dynamic change, and increase the total factor productivity, so as to build a solid foundation for continuously enhancing China's economic innovation and competitiveness, and achieving the goal of "two hundred years."

On the basis of contacting the company's actual situation and learning the profound spirit of the party's 19th National Congress, we must also clearly resolve the main contradictions of the company. We must rely on promoting quality change, efficiency change, and dynamic change. This is an inevitable requirement of the company's current development stage. The important content of transfer mode, excellent structure and increased power is the key measure to open up new situations, present new weather and show new actions.

Regarding the quality change of the company, it means not only improving the quality of existing products, but also improving the quality of all work in a comprehensive manner. This is an all-encompassing change in the details of the work in the specific areas of ideas, goals, and systems. First, we must improve product quality as the main direction, play a leading role in the organization of technology and quality management, take the production workshop as the main body of implementation, and continue to carry out technical research and quality improvement activities; second, build an efficient quality management system and give play to quality supervision and management. Departmental central supervision function, innovative quality supervision and management methods; Third, internal excellent outreach to create quality products, improve core competitiveness, give play to the company's production platform and cooperation mode advantages, and gradually form quality brand enterprises and products; Fourth, play the advantages of technical department expertise To build a strong technical R&D team, optimize the existing R&D resources of the combined company, cultivate its own technological innovation capability, and enhance the stamina for subsequent support; Fifth, adhere to the concept of green environmental protection, and regard clean production as an important feature of high-quality products, and play production in the production department. The coordination of command and dispatching has been effectively managed to produce “three wastes”, and environmental protection facilities have been operated efficiently, and strict supervision has achieved the standard discharge.

Regarding the company's efficiency change, it is to remove the past extensive management habits, implement efficiency, priority, comprehensive and comprehensive coverage of strategic management initiatives. First, fully support the full mobilization of the internal control and management enthusiasm of each independent cooperative production and operation unit, and increase their confidence and encouragement for their development and development. Multi-party and multi-strategy will provide a relaxed development environment, jointly cultivate and build an excellent management team, and improve the ownership of Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical. Sense and identity; Second, all functional departments establish the overall concept of service cooperation, to innovate service methods, change service methods, enrich service content, improve service levels, provide cooperation for production and operation, reduce management costs and improve production efficiency. Convenience conditions; the third is to adhere to the "three more" (multi-communication, multi-understanding, multi-support) principle and establish the concept of compliance as the theme, to improve the comprehensive system and strictly implement the implementation as the carrier and grasp the hand, build cooperative production and management Under the big pattern, the five management systems (quality management system; production power system; financial supply and transportation system; administrative logistics system; party labor supervision system;) operate in concert with each other, five-way production army (antibiotic workshop; injection workshop; synthesis) Workshop; two synthesis workshop; three synthesis workshop) First to the win-win cooperation shared a good situation.

Regarding the company's dynamic change, it is to firmly grasp the fundamental link of people-oriented, to comprehensively improve the overall quality of employees as a breakthrough, and to meet the needs of the company's high-quality, high-efficiency system construction. First, work hard together, work hard to improve the training of all employees, strictly implement the training system, implement training responsibilities, establish training leadership and evaluation mechanism; second, vigorously promote the spirit of labor and craftsmanship, create a glorious social style of work and excellence. The third is to respect labor, respect creation, build a knowledge-based, skilled, and innovative labor force; fourth, to improve the status of front-line workers in production and labor, to promote and promote to the frontline youth employees; We will use all kinds of talents to create opportunities for employees, especially young employees, to create platforms and create opportunities. In the company, we will gradually strive to form a desire for talents, everyone will work hard, everyone will be talented, and everyone will do everything. The exhibition is full of vitality and vitality; the sixth is that many departments often jointly work together to carry out various types of operational, skill-based, knowledge-based, stylistic competitions, various types of post training, technical innovation competition activities, and labor. Model, technical pacesetter, and operational expert appraisal activities.

The above three major changes are mutually integrated and complement each other. Quality change is the main body, efficiency change is the main line, and power change is the foundation. The key to promoting change is to continue to promote the overall and overall promotion. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has made a comprehensive arrangement for how to implement the development concept and build a modern economic system, which has pointed out the direction for the transformation of private enterprises to achieve sustainable development. We must take the strong 19th party of the party and earnestly study and understand the spirit of the party's 19th National Congress. Based on the current reality of the company, we must find the breakthrough and focus on the trend, and organize and mobilize all employees to actively participate in the company's three major reforms. To achieve the company's higher quality, more efficient, more sustainable development contributes to intelligence.

  Company Party Office: Li Zhiping

  [Innovation proposal]

  Innovation suggests good example quality improvement as a pioneer


On October 25, 2017, the injection workshop held a staff meeting, and at the meeting, the mechanic was awarded a reward of 100 yuan. Not long ago, the mechanic Shuai Shuai made a very good innovation proposal. The leader of the injection workshop was verified by the organization innovation team in the workshop production. The practice proved that it not only saved production costs, but also improved production efficiency. More importantly, it greatly reduced the workload of perfecting GMP documents, and directly saved the labor revision cost by more than 6,000 yuan.

The reason for the innovation proposal put forward by Yan Shuai is that on the morning of October 18, several employees in the injection workshop are working in an orderly manner in their respective positions. The mechanics are always the same, and they enter the washing and drying station for washing machines and tunnel ovens. For the daily maintenance, an operator who is carefully filling in the records, asked a reference data problem on the equipment of the Shuai Shuai bottle washing machine, which caused the serious thinking of the mechanic. Yu Shuai found that in the case of the same GMP requirements, the reference data can be modified and corrected more completely. This can reduce the production cost and reduce the workload of perfecting GMP documents. At the first time, Shuai Shuai made a proposal for innovation to the equipment director and the workshop director Ma. Director Ma attached great importance to the suggestion made by the mechanic, Shuai Shuai. First, the operators of the bottle washing position, the equipment director and the craftsman were invited to discuss this proposal. Everyone praised the handsome and brave spirit of innovation; then they formed a small team of innovations. The actual operation on the production post verifies the feasibility of the innovation proposal, and the conclusions obtained prove that after adopting the innovation proposal, the effect is obviously significant. In summing up this innovation proposal, Director Ma said: Although each of our employees encounters production technical problems in their daily work, Shuai Shuai is an ordinary mechanic who is good at researching, dare to innovate and fully embody. He has a high sense of responsibility and responsibility for the quality of the workshop, and it is worthy of learning from every employee in our workshop.

We often say that rationalization proposals are a “smart route” developed by enterprises, which is the “convenient passage” for the best quality improvement, and also a beneficial measure to promote quality management and production efficiency. The general staff of the injection workshop proposed innovative proposals, which not only set a good example for the frontline employees of the workshop, but also hoped that the employees who directly grasped the quality management system should learn from him. If the company's employees can be like a handsome man, work harder and more responsible, can further improve production efficiency and build an efficient quality management system faster.

  Injection workshop: Yang Shangkun

  [Management field]

  New antibiotics project achieved good results in "three guarantees"


The antibiotic workshop produces new projects involving 15 large-scale old production equipment shifting; newly added 75 large-scale production equipment; 1 set of butanol recovery tower; infrastructure construction 680 cubic meters, construction area of 2010 square meters; connection reconstruction pipeline more than 7800 Meter. No matter from the complicated construction and installation, or the construction and installation workload, this new antibiotic workshop project is one of the few in the company's entrepreneurial history. At present, the new antibiotic production project has basically ended. When evaluating and summarizing the antibiotic new construction project, the company's leaders praised it with “guarantee progress, quality assurance, and safety”. Indeed, after the start of the new project for the production of antibiotics, all the staff of the project team want to go to the same place, and make progress to ensure the progress of the project, scientific arrangement, reasonable construction, quality assurance, and comprehensive guarantee. construction safety.

In order to ensure the progress of the project, they took a three-day meeting in the whole project. According to the project plan, the materials connection, personnel deployment, quality and safety were summarized. This progress, quality, and personnel were used to make the construction progress like the flow operation method. The project construction efficiency was improved and the project was completed on schedule. In order to ensure the quality of the project, they are divided into operations, and the responsibility for quality division is implemented to people. Every day, there must be quality inspection content, quality requirements must be met, and this strict quality awareness is required to ensure the quality of the project. In order to ensure construction safety, construction and installation safety knowledge and safety system, to create a seamless atmosphere without gaps, the implementation of the on-site safety officer system to follow the link in the whole process of the project.

  Antibiotic workshop: Wang Hongwei

  [safe job]

  Hold fire drills to popularize fire protection knowledge


In order to do a good job in the company's safe production, the employees should be aware of the fire-fighting equipment. The company's defense was on the afternoon of November 13th, and a fire drill was organized. More than 200 employees from various workshops and departments of the company participated in the firefighting. Knowledge training and operation of fire extinguishers.

The following picture shows the fire protection training and fire drill site.




  Security Department: Li Hongbin