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Kyushu Briefing Issue 165


  [Work dynamics]

  The two men’s and women’s teams in the tug-of-war competition won the cup


On October 16, 2017, the Tangyin County Party Committee and the County Government organized a grand scale of “Five Winds Passing Positive Energy, All People Welcome to Nineteen”. The county organized a men’s and women’s team to participate. The men’s and women’s team members carried forward the courageous struggle and unity and cooperation spirit. After intense competition, the women’s team won the first place and the men’s team won the third place. This tug-of-war competition, the level and prestige of our company's employees, won the honor and glory for the company.

To this end, all the participating team members were rewarded and rewarded by the company. The company called on all employees to learn from the tug-of-war team members, and hoped that the employees would continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and hard work in the future production and management of the company, and make persistent efforts to create new achievements.

The picture below shows the photo of the competition






  Company union: Li Zhiping

  [Management field]

  Innovative workshop training to improve operational skills


In the fruitful season in September, the injection workshop not only strengthened the training of employees, but also innovated the way of learning and training in the past, and changed the combination of theoretical closed-book exams and post-operations to test and improve employee operations. Skills and business skills.

In the first ten days of September, the workshop organized several closed-book theory tests. Compared with the quarterly training in the same year, the training reached a new height in terms of training scale, training time, training content and quality.

In order to make the closed-book examination achieve practical results, the injection workshop leaders conducted a serious and systematic analysis of the training program, and also carried out a comprehensive review of the specific implementation process of the training, combined with the training experience of the participating employees. It is recommended that this training be comprehensively analyzed and summarized. First of all, let employees understand that the purpose of the closed-book exam training is to improve the GMP awareness of the employees in the injection workshop, so that employees can understand GMP in all aspects and play the biggest role in the workplace. Secondly, through the theoretical closed-book exam, combined with the operation of on-site production equipment.

From the formal analysis, through the innovative learning and training methods, we have gained the experience of learning and training, and found that the quality of employees can be improved. In the future training, we will make adjustments and improvements to these upgrades. From the content analysis, the main focus is on drug data management practices. Due to the importance attached to the training of employees in the workshop workshops for many years, the workshop leaders are taught in person each time. According to the feedback from the employees, we learned that the training staff in this training can quickly grasp the theoretical knowledge and lay the foundation for the operation of the field equipment. The theoretical knowledge assessment of the training uses the closed-book examination method to assess the employees. Compared with the previous special requirements for closed-book examinations, the requirements are more strict and the training effect is more significant. Moreover, the on-site equipment operation of the injection workshop accounts for a large proportion. The injection workshop leader is also a training plan based on the content of the data management specification. This is also to enable employees to pass the simulation exercise as close as possible to the real situation. Be familiar with the operation of the device.

  Injection workshop: Yang Shangkun

  [Safe Production]

  Safety promotion


At present, the disassembly, transformation, installation and maintenance of new projects in the antibiotic workshop are in full swing. All the cadres and employees of the antibiotic workshop played their specialties in the positions of disassembly, transformation, installation and maintenance, and cooperated with each other to find ways to successfully complete various difficult operations. The disassembly task of the plate and frame process is complicated and complicated, and the power and skill are required to complete the task. The pipeline reformation of the fermentation process is even more complicated, but they have overcome difficulties and successfully completed the transformation task with hard work and hard work.

At the same time as speeding up the progress of work, especially when crossing work, safety problems are easy to occur. Therefore, every morning before the class, the workshop leader is more concerned with the safe operation than the simple and concise work arrangement. Education We cannot focus on production and efficiency and despise safety. In order to do a good job in the safe production of the workshop, the leaders extensively collected opinions and suggestions from all employees on safety work, improved the safety work responsibility system, and refined safety operation procedures.

How to achieve safe and safe production in the workshop, our experience is: "One person shuts down one place, everyone is as stable as a mountain." Every employee keeps in mind that "I don't hurt myself, don't hurt others, and don't hurt others." The "three no harm" word is not much, it is easy to understand the practical safety teaching. Keep it in your heart, go through the daily work, and implement it in action.

  Antibiotic workshop: Wu Liuyi