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Kyushu Briefing Issue 164


  [Work dynamics]

  Take the lead in the implementation of closed-book examinations to improve skills

  The above picture shows the closed test site of all employees in the central laboratory.


  In order to further improve the theoretical knowledge level and business skills of the laboratory technicians, all the staff of the laboratory in the morning of September 1st conducted a closed-loop assessment of theoretical knowledge in the conference room on the second floor. The laboratory adopts a different test method from the past. The purpose is to let everyone master the common sense of business, and pass the exam to recognize their own shortcomings and have a new understanding of themselves so that they can make corrections in future work. The holding of this closed-loop assessment not only examined the theoretical knowledge of the laboratory technicians, but also promoted the actual operation level of the employees in the work. It also brought a good start to the company's employees to improve their business skills and quality, and set an example.

  Central Laboratory: Shi Wei

  Help each other and help each other to work together for cooperation

  At 15 o'clock on the afternoon of August 28, 2017, company leaders Zhao Wenwu and Meng Fanqing personally led the team and organized more than 10 male comrades in the administrative functional department to participate in the voluntary labor of cleaning and transporting equipment and equipment outside the three-synthesis workshop. In the course of labor, everyone carries forward the "Kyushu Spirit" of unity, cooperation and hard work. It is not afraid of being dirty, not afraid of suffering, and not afraid of being tired. This kind of "selfless dedication, the spirit of solidarity and cooperation in Kyushu. On this occasion, as the on-site cadre in the workshop, thank the leaders and the staff of various departments and workshops for giving self-help to the workshop.

  Three synthesis workshop: Tongjiahong

  [Business management]

  Standing from the perspective of the company


Character is the quality of a person and can be evaluated by words and deeds and instruments. In the production management of enterprises, leaders often talk about how certain capabilities, levels, and so on. In fact, when the leadership is talking about the ability, how is the character of a certain person, the leadership is already in the heart, knowing it well, but not saying it, it is always on the lips. The reason is simple, because character is more important than ability, character determines work attitude, attitude determines behavior, and behavior determines final result. Employees must remember that no one in the business leadership trusts and reuses a poorly qualified employee.

In the enterprise, good character has become the benchmark and solid foundation for the progress and promotion of the employees, especially the young people. However, the character belongs to the category of ideology and morality. It cannot be measured and measured by weights and measures. Good character is obtained by cultivation. As long as you pay more attention to several keywords, everyone can do it. 1. Compliance. No rules are not square. Everything has rules of growth, operation, and development. As long as the rules are in the front and placed in the first place, it opens a door where people can communicate and communicate the most difficult. Naturally, it is methodical, and the common people say: It is easy to follow the road. 2. Speaking of "three more", that is, more communication, understanding, and support. The key to "three more" is a "multiple" word. If you do well or not, you can best see how the character is. 3. Tell loyalty. To be loyal in the company is to stand on the company's standpoint and think about the problem. Every day, I wonder what the company should do to arrange the deployment. It is fair and decent, and does not follow the trend, pulls the gang, does not say cool words, complains, maintains The interests of the company. 4. Tell the burden. Work proactively, work vigorously and vigorously, do not drag and cope, shirk responsibility, do a good job in completing the task, bring the team well, and dare to take responsibility for problems, problems, and heavy responsibilities, and are always willing to sacrifice. 5, talk about progress. Outside the Qingshan Building outside the mountain, there are talented and talented people everywhere. Don't take yourself too seriously. The position is not equal to the skill. The diploma is not equal to the ability. The red-headed document does not mean that it has a level. Only someone has the product. The true highest skill and the strongest charm. If you want to stand up and get some points in your business, you must be modest and cautious, constantly recharge your studies, sink your heart, pounce on your body, and get rooted.

It is not only the above five aspects, but also a lot of efforts, but these five are the key ones, and they are the five-in-one, indispensable organic whole. It is not difficult for one person to do it. It is rare that the five in one fellow initiates, refine, blend, and share. Throughout the many enterprises, although the talents are good, but the internal motivation is insufficient, the internal consumption is severe and even the end of the tragedy. The reason for this is that the employee character plays a decisive role, lacking a team that speaks compliance and talks about “three more”. Therefore, many business leaders believe that a person's character is not good, even if he has great talents, he may bring harm to the company at a critical time, and the greater the ability, the greater the loss. In this sense, "personality" actually determines the direction and future of the entire enterprise and individual. Therefore, improving and cultivating the character of employees has become an important mission of the current enterprise.

  Supervision Office: Li Zhiping



Gratefulness should be one of the important contents of a company's corporate culture. Employees thank the company for giving this job, so that they can support their families, and grateful for the boss's kindness to their own knowledge. With gratitude, they will inevitably work diligently. Instead of taking care of gains and losses everywhere. The company and the boss are grateful for the employees working for the company, sacrificing the time spent with their family members, creating achievements for the company's development and contributing their own strength. The company, the boss, and the employees are grateful for the customer's trust and support to the company, so that the company's business can flourish and grow.

Many years ago, the recruit squad leader who joined the army told us that before doing things, be a man. The character of man is always in the first place.

In the company, we should cherish and grateful for this job, starting from the daily work, doing the ultimate, and achieving excellence, this is the best way to thank the company. Only by doing so, the company and you can go further, wider and higher.

  Three synthesis workshop: Tongjiahong

  Responsibility is more important than Taishan

  Responsibility is the foundation of the company's middle-level cadres. To be honest, to do things with responsibility, is also the basic code of every employee, that is, the employees who are loyal and responsible are the precious resources of the enterprise and the foundation for the development and growth of the enterprise. Only with employees who have a sense of responsibility and unlimited loyalty can the company have a future. When encountering problems, we must first focus on the interests of the company. First, considering the overall situation of the company, doing the company's affairs as its own business, and treating itself as the master of the enterprise, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

  Security Department: Li Hongbin

  [Kyushu Wenyuan]


In the autumn, every fragrant fragrant flower tree in the door of the company feels

Double osmanthus flowers open yellow,

Morning meets the guests only to stay fragrant.

The spirit of mind is hardworking,

Dim autumn leaves are short.

Recalling the old crown group,

Very autumn is busy.

Must be like a transformation path,

I know people and flowers snow frost.

I will never forget the beginning of my heart.

Take the wind and break through the waves.

Compliance volume cloud research,

Platform cooperation spectrum Huazhang.

  Supervision Office: Li Zhiping