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Kyushu Briefing Issue 163


  [Work dynamics]

  County Federation of Trade Unions launched "Summer Cooling" condolences to corporate activities

  In order to reflect the care of the county party committee and the county government for the majority of employees of our company, on July 25, the Tangyin County Federation of Trade Unions led the team to the company to carry out condolence activities. "In the midsummer season, the heat is hard to bear, the employees are in the hot sun, and the hot summer is sticking to the front line of production and labor. It is very hard." The leaders of the County Federation of Trade Unions cordially greet the production of front-line employees, condolences activities, the county federation of the union also sent mineral water, instant noodles , ham, laundry detergent and towel condolences.

  Company union: Li Zhiping

  Winning and rejuvenating the year and winning the nine podium


In order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, set off the competition, learning, rush, help, super and supervision, promotion, and improvement of the craze, the company decided to innovate the year-end "double first" assault evaluation method, and set the benchmark in advance, set an example, and work hard. The Pleasant Method, set up nine categories of awards: 1. Red Flag Award for Safety Production; 2. Elite Award for Quality Standards; 3. Star Award for Environmental Protection; 4. Innovation and Creation of Pioneer Award; 5. Production Model Award; Mutual Aid Red Flower Award; 7, Quality Service Starlight Award; 8. Compliance Management Glory Award; 9. Conducting the Activity Model Award.

The nine major awards face all employees of the company. Each individual award does not have a unit award. It is an individual award and is not limited to the number of people. The method of generating the nine awards, "double push and two combination and one assessment", that is, the grassroots units of the democratic recommendation, the company's management democratic recommendation; combined with the usual work performance, combined with daily performance appraisal, the company collective research evaluation.

It is hoped that the employees will carry forward the "Kyushu Spirit" and establish a spirit of eagerness and fear, break the concept of mediocrity, aim at the Glorious Nine Awards, work hard, show their talents and climb the peak.

  Company party office company union

  Transformation pending launch of anchor voyage


On July 26th, the company established a three-synthesis workshop to jointly produce the adenosine agglutination project promotion leading group, marking that the three-synthesis workshop will resume production after nearly one year of production suspension. The resumption of the three-synthesis workshop is an important measure for the company to optimize the company's resource quality, better utilize the company's production platform advantages, and accelerate the pace of the company's transformation and upgrading.

After the establishment of the project promotion leading group, a coordination promotion meeting was held in time to speed up the installation and transformation of the workshop equipment, and to meet the conditions for resuming work as soon as possible, and to carry out specific deployment arrangements. At the same time, the company's leaders demanded that all members and units of the leading group, in the case of tight time, heavy tasks, and short construction period, must do their part and do their best, coordinate and cooperate with each other to make the transformation and upgrading of the three-synthesis workshop. The equipment renovation and installation will be completed as soon as possible, and the trial production will be successful as soon as possible.

The three-synthesis workshop achieved transformation and upgrading of cooperative production, benefiting from the company's leadership focusing on the current overall situation of corporate cooperation, and doing good things from the general trend. Therefore, as a management cadre of the three-synthesis workshop, adding confidence, feeling more excited, and more responsible, determined to work hard to do a good job, actively coordinate and rational use of resources, carefully calculate cost savings, strengthen communication and coordination, and strive for cooperation. In the shortest time, complete the equipment transformation and installation and trial production of this cooperative production project.

  Three synthesis workshop: Tongjiahong

  The company launched the Golden Autumn Education Program

  The company insisted on carrying out the "Golden Autumn Student Aid" activity for many years, which embodies the company's infinite care for the difficult employees, and is also praised and praised by the employees. This year, Fu Xuemei, an employee of the Quality Supervision Department, took the college entrance examination and was admitted to Northeast Forestry University. After Fu Xuemei proposed the "Golden Autumn Aid" difficult rescue application, the company's leaders timely learned about her family's economic difficulties. The study decided to fund 2,000 yuan from the company's special funds for the company's labor unions to support her children's successful completion of their studies. At the donation ceremony of “Golden Autumn Love Learning”, Mr. Zhao encouraged Fu Xuemei to educate his children, live up to the expectations and love of the company, study hard, and have a successful academic career to serve the motherland and the people in the future.


  Company union: Li Zhiping

  [Short comment]

  Focus on the overall situation of cooperation and work hard


"The company's management cadres must keep up with the needs of enterprise development. In daily work, they must stand on the overall situation of the company to see the problems. Everyone should paddle to open a big ship. They must dare to take responsibility, work hard, seek truth from facts, forge ahead, and push forward the company in a down-to-earth manner. The work was implemented and the results were achieved.” At the weekly meeting on July 21, the company’s general manager Zhao proposed this strict requirement to all the middle-level and above cadres, in order to comprehensively improve the quality of the company’s management cadres, and solidly promote various tasks and specify Strive to move forward and inject a strong ideological drive.

The company has a game of chess and aggregates. How to understand the spirit of the company's leadership instructions, to stand tall and think deeply. Those who do not seek the overall situation are not able to find a domain. The work of the company's management cadres at all levels is an important part of the company's cooperation in production and operation of the big chess game. In terms of functional departments and production workshops, especially in fulfilling the main responsibilities of quality, safety and environmental protection, it is necessary to improve the position and enhance the overall situation. Consciousness must adhere to the plan under the overall situation, advance in the general trend, and act on major issues. We must talk about "three more" around the "93121" big goal, grasp the compliance with 13 important measures, and talk about the overall situation and the overall situation. At the moment, on key issues, we must proceed from the overall situation of the company, regardless of personal gains and losses, dare to sacrifice ourselves, and be good at calculating big accounts, general ledgers, and long-term accounts. As long as it is beneficial to the company as a whole, beneficial to the development of the company, and beneficial to the compliant production management system, it must be consciously obeyed, resolutely obeyed, grasping the fingers into a boxing force, and jointly pushing the work forward.

At present, the company's various tasks are numerous and complicated, and there is no good work style. Without a scientific methodology, it is difficult to grasp the reality. To formulate the implementation plan for work tasks, we must adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, and achieve the connection of the antenna and the grounding gas. It not only meets the requirements of the higher authorities, but also conforms to the actual situation of Kyushu, making the measures pragmatic and practical. Advancing their respective in charge of the work, not only must be strategic and tactical, to be vigorous and vigorous, hoof and stability, to achieve one, but also to achieve efficiency, the pursuit of work quality. Speed is efficiency, method is right, and mistakes are also efficient. Performance appraisal, rewards and punishments, incentives for competition, can not talk to themselves, but should adhere to the principle of results, since you presided over the work, how many things have been done, how many practical problems have been solved, how many problems have been solved, and the company has to ask Accreditation, full of dissatisfaction. The main responsible comrades at each level are the leaders of a team and the first responsible person for all work. The specific work must be personally planned, arrested, monitored, and implemented.

Promoting by point and face is an effective working method to improve management level and ability. It is also an objective requirement for enterprises to forge ahead and comply with the concept of production and management. The company implemented performance appraisal and decided to take the three functional departments of Quality Management System Quality Supervision Department, Technical Department and Central Laboratory as pilot projects. This is an important measure to build an effective management mechanism for compliance production and operation. Doing a good job with the interview point will not only improve the management level, but also highlight the important position and role of the department. Therefore, the quality management system department must carry forward the spirit of dare to be the first in the world, and brave and tenacious, not afraid of difficulties, dare to sacrifice, dare to touch the real spirit, dare to clear the barriers, boldly break the resistance, and carefully complete the performance. The assessment takes the point-to-face task, exerts the quality management system department, and manages the benchmark, when the model takes action.

When you are doing things, you are relying on people. The mental state and reality of the management cadres at all levels of the company determine the pace of enterprise development, entrepreneurship and transformation and upgrading. In the actual work of completing the task and bringing the team to the present, everyone faces various complicated contradictions and difficult hard bones. It is impossible to go smoothly and easily. If you break through the difficulties and solve the difficult problems, you will have to have the courage to go forward, the spirit of the Kyushu, the courage to dare to blame, the courage to dare to try, and must not be afraid to avoid war and do nothing. Allowing mistakes in the work, but never allowing negative absenteeism, dragging and pulling, is a clear guide that we must establish, and the bottom line that the company's leaders have repeatedly shown. To achieve the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise and the goal of soaring, we have a long way to go, and the great achievements of the exhibition are only in progress and not completed. Jindi Kyushu people should unify their thoughts and actions into the company's decision-making and deployment, and promote the implementation with real help, and strive for practical results. In the real work, the entrepreneurial tide, show their talents, show their style, and realize self-worth.

  Supervision Office: Li Zhiping

  [Management field]

  Injection workshop: morning meeting innovation, time saving and effective management


Since the company advocated the opening of the morning meeting, the injection workshop insisted on combining the actual situation of the workshop and innovating the morning meeting mode. Every morning, the morning meeting was held on the mobile bus, which saved time and improved work efficiency, and promoted the management level of the workshop. Improvement.

The passengers in the injection workshop are all the management personnel of the workshop. There is one hour of free time for commuting to and from work, which provides convenient conditions for the innovative morning meeting of the injection workshop. The director Ma Ma was very early thinking about it, and saw the stitches to use this time for work. In the morning, Director Ma was the last to get on the train. The staff who attended the morning meeting were arranged together in advance. As soon as the director of the horse got on the bus, everyone’s spirits rose. This shows that our morning meeting will begin. In the past few years, We all developed this conscious habit. At the morning meeting, Director Ma first arranged the work of the day, and finally made a request: the work of the day must be completed on the same day. Under normal circumstances, the morning meeting is over, just to the factory to get off.

The workshop opened the morning meeting through innovation, which made us feel that it not only improved the efficiency of work, but also promoted the management level and passed the positive energy. At the same time, the Innovation Morning Meeting has also enhanced our team spirit, making us feel very valuable, eager and meaningful in our daily work efforts. The key is to take a car every day, we take the leadership task assigned to us, with full work enthusiasm and serious attitude, with hope, with confidence, morale and high morality into the work of a new day.

In order to further develop the spirit of teamwork, increase cohesiveness, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the entire workshop staff, and continuously improve the level and ability of the workshop management, we also combine the daily morning meeting with the weekly meeting of the workshop on the afternoon of the afternoon. . At the weekly meeting, we will first summarize and summarize the morning meeting of this week, and then carry out the following contents in order: 1. Communicate and implement the spirit of the company's meeting; 2. Review the work of the workshop this week; 3. Summarize the existence of workshop production this week. Problems and deficiencies; 4. Arrange the deployment workshop for specific work next week.

  Injection workshop: Wang Xiuli