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Kyushu Briefing Issue 162


  Celebrate the "July 1" Red Tour Special Issue

  [Special issue foreword]


In July of 1996, a great political party was solemnly declared;

In July of 1996, a red flag fluttered in the wind!

The bright red party flag, after the baptism of the 96 years, is even more refreshing and sweet;

The solemn party emblem, after ninety-six years of tempering, appears to be more rock solid.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Party, the party committee of the company organized all the party members and the key employees of the production line to go to the Red Revolution Education Base to conduct study and study activities, better accept the revolutionary traditional education, further improve the ideological and political consciousness of the employees, and inspire the love of the party, patriotism, Aiqi and entrepreneurial officers are enthusiastic. The red tour, everyone is very educated, deeply touched, and gained a lot. Now we will compile the special issue of the Red Brigade experience. Due to the limited layout of the briefing, the main responsible person of the department's workshops will experience the full text, and the other people will be able to extract the experience. It is hoped that the employees will study and share carefully so as to enhance their ideological awareness, enhance their initiative, and promote quality.

  [Red Tour Summary]

  Red Bourse Education Promotion Promotion


In July, the fiery red land of the motherland sang and laughed, and the brilliant years were full of glory. In order to improve the ideological and political consciousness and quality of the company's employees, and to better accept the revolutionary traditional education, the company's party committee research, decided to organize all the party members and middle-level cadres, as well as the production backbone, to the red in the "July 1" series of activities. The revolutionary education base will visit and study, and through the trip of the Red Brigade, we will recall the revolutionary martyrdom deeds and inspire everyone to fight hard.

On July 1st, a group of 52 people arrived at Anxin County, Hebei Province to visit the "Baiyangdian Yanling Team Memorial Hall". Through a large number of historical photographs, documents, objects, and charts, the memorial truly reproduces the period of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. It is active in the Yuzhong Plain area, a squadron of the waters that frustrated the enemy, the Yanling team. This team is in the reeds. The Duangang Building, in addition to the traitors, beat the Japanese steamboats, hit the enemy's arrogance, and became a unique anti-Japanese armed force. On July 2nd, everyone did not care about the fatigue, took the hot summer, and went to the Yi County of Hebei Province to visit the revolutionary memorial site of the "Fangmao Mountain". First of all, we visited the Five Heroes Memorial Hall in Langya Mountain. We relived the oath of the party before the statue of the heroes of the Five Heroes in Langya Mountain, and then climbed to the main peak of the Langya Mountain at 1105, and cherished the memory of the revolutionary martyrs in front of the Martyrs Monument in Langyashan. A new party member’s oath ceremony was held.

Through the visit to the Red Revolution Education Base, we cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs, and learned that during the difficult and hard times of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, countless Chinese outstanding children, taking the national interests as their own responsibility, throwing their heads and blood, squatting on the anti-Japanese war, with the enemy A arduous struggle has been carried out. The revolutionary martyrs and their predecessors showed their fear of sacrifice, their unyielding death, the heroic and tenacious revolutionary spirit and the great national integrity that was dying. They deeply touched everyone.

Recalling the deeds of the martyrdom, the patriotic dream of the park; accepting the red education and grateful for the happy life. This red tour, although the trip is short and intense, but everyone is always full of energy and excitement, especially the red songs in the Red Brigade, chorus, solo and red cultural performances, as well as revisiting the party’s oath and joining the new party. The oath ceremony, the birthday celebration for the employees and the party’s birthday celebrations, made the whole trip more united and tense, serious and lively, showing the spirit and good image of Jindi Kyushu.

The red tour has strengthened everyone's strong will and perseverance, enhanced the ideological and political consciousness and the courage to overcome difficulties, and enhanced the centripetal force and cohesiveness of the Jindi Kyushu team. They all expressed that they should live up to the expectations of the company's party committee and carry forward the red in the future work. The revolutionary tradition, bearing in mind the responsibility on the shoulders, to achieve the early take-off of Jindi Kyushu, work harder, forget my work, and make new contributions.

  Company Party Office: Li Zhiping


  Visiting the red education base


On July 1-2, the company's party committee organized new and old party members and some employees to visit and study at the Baiyangdian and Langyashan Red Education Base in Hebei. I was particularly excited and deeply touched.

During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Baiyangdian was active in a famous water squadron, the Yanlings. The heroic geese team was born in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, grew up in the struggle of blood and fire, grew up in a difficult and difficult environment, and persisted in fighting under the support and cover of the people. It is a strong local characteristic under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. The People's Anti-Japanese Armed Forces. They used the favorable terrain of the reeds and the rivers and rivers to carry out maneuvering and flexible guerrilla warfare, weakly and strongly, and severely attacked the Japanese invaders. They wrote a song that sang the song of the whole nation against Japan, and grew the strength of the Chinese nation. It shows the heroic bravery of Yanzhao children and the heroic spirit of not being willing to be a slave to the country. It embodies the national spirit of the Chinese nation's perseverance and self-improvement. It can be said that until today, it is still a valuable spiritual wealth that inspires the people of Baiyangdian and even the people of the whole country to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and enhances the national self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance spirit and historical responsibility.

On the morning of July 2, after nearly an hour's drive, we gathered at the foot of the small square at the foot of the mountain and looked at this place like the world. We are both excited and somewhat expecting. It may be a respect for the revolutionary spirit, or it is right. I can get close to the joy of the revolutionary relics. Although today's Langya Mountain is also paved with stone steps, it is superior to the anti-Japanese war, but even then, we walked around and walked for two or three hours before climbing to the top of the mountain. The scorching sun is high, and it looks like a piece of white, and looking up at the five-strong memorial tower is even more solemn. Standing on the top of the mountain, I can't help but feel that my own smallness, but I am even more impressed by the magnificence of the mountains and rivers of the motherland, as well as the patriotic feelings of the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation. The mountains and rivers are still the same, but the personnel changes. I can't imagine how the martyrs can sneak up on the Langya Mountain without a road and open a heroic road that never yields. When the sandals stepped on the sharp stones, when the enemy was pressing behind him, the martyrs on the dangerous mountain, how the martyrs overcome all difficulties and headed for the peak. That is a kind of spiritual firmness - patriotism. Because of patriotism, I am willing to sacrifice myself and pave the way for future generations. Today, we are in the Langya Mountain, we see the scenery, the history is experienced, and the revolutionary spirit is felt. As a Communist Party member of the new era, what kind of attitude should be used to face the past, what kind of determination is used to transform the reality, and what kind of ideals should be used to look forward to the future. This is what we must consider and be responsible.

Through this visit, I have been deeply educated in my heart. In the future work and life, we must uphold the spirit of unity and hard work passed down by the revolutionary ancestors, and we must carry forward the spirit of self-sacrifice of the revolutionary ancestors in the company. In the difficult and long process of the third venture, we strictly demanded ourselves with higher standards and contributed our strength to the re-casting of Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical.

  Deputy General Manager of the company: Meng Fanqing

  Thoughts on going to Baiyangdian Langyashan Red Brigade


What is the meaning of living people? This problem often appears in my mind, but I still don't understand it. After the birthday of the party this year, the company’s party committee finally went to Baiyangdian and the Langyashan Red Brigade and finally got the answer: “To do useful things for the people, it is worthwhile to live”.

On the way to the Red Brigade, under the organization of the company's party committee, the whole car people participated in the red song singing. One song "There is no new China without the Communist Party", and the feelings of the party were expressed. One song "Unity is strength" and enhanced team cohesion. A red song has cleaned our hearts and inspired us to work hard.

Baiyangdian, during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, was born here the heroic wild goose team, countless bloody young people, benevolent people, they throw their heads and blood, in order to defeat the Japanese aggressors and let the people live a happy and comfortable life.

In the Langya Mountain, during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, there was a big event here: the five strong men of Langya Mountain, in order to cover the masses and the transfer of the main forces of the Eighth Route Army, they wittifully with the enemy, introduced the enemy into the mountains, and heroically killed The enemy, in the end, because of the bombs, they would rather die than die. Their heroic feats of sorrow and sorrow have educated countless later people who love the party, patriotism, and love the people.

Compared with the revolutionary martyrs of the past, how small we seem to be, compared with today's advanced figures, we are far from self-deprecating. Although each of us has limited capabilities, we cannot afford to serve the people. We are Jindi Kyushu people, carefully crafting good medicines, and ensuring high quality is a sacred duty. This is also serving the people and doing things that are good for the people. At present, Jindi Kyushu is on the rise, and we should work together with Kyushu colleagues to work together, make new contributions, and be a good person to the people.

  Company quality person in charge: Song Qinghe

  Red tour experience


On July 1st, under the organization and leadership of the company's party committee, a group of 52 people from our unit visited Baiyangdian and Hexian County Red Revolution Education Base in Yixian County, Hebei Province.

During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Baiyangdian fought against the Japanese imperialism in accordance with the local army and the people, shining the revolutionary light everywhere, imprinting the red historical site. The "Yanling Team" used the reeds of the Dianqu District and the favorable terrain of the rivers and rivers to carry out maneuverable and flexible guerrilla warfare. To weaken and win, to attack the Japanese aggressor army, and to grow the strength of the Chinese nation.

On July 2nd, we rushed to Langyashan to visit and study. The red party flag that caught our eyes flashed in the sun, and the statue of the five strong men of Langyashan stood solemnly. "The Five Heroes Exhibition Hall of Langya Mountain" details the heroic deeds of the five strong men. Through the visit, they have more respect for the heroes.

Then we carried forward the spirit of mutual help and friendship, and climbed to the summit of the Wolf's tooth. Although the sweat was soaked in the back of the clothes, everyone was full of energy and happy, because we learned the history of the revolutionary revolution and felt the heroic and tenacious revolutionary spirit. We must carry forward the spirit of self-sacrifice of the revolutionary ancestors, strictly demand ourselves with higher standards, and contribute to the development of Jindi Kyushu.

  General Office: Zhao Guangzhou

  Visiting the red base education


On the occasion of the founding of the party in 1996, the company’s party committee organized us to visit and study at the Red Revolution Education Base. It is an activity that everyone has been waiting for for a long time and dreams of. Everywhere, everyone was elated, morale, and singing.

When we came to the Baiyangdian Red Revolution Education Base for on-the-spot study and study, we listened to the vivid and vivid retelling of the lecturers, and carefully watched a piece of revolutionary historical relics. Everyone’s eyes were wet, and the heroes were brave and stubborn, not afraid of sacrifice. Moved by the fearless revolutionary spirit of the firm revolutionary ideals and beliefs. Later, after struggling to climb the steep peaks of the Langya Mountain, paying tribute to the revolutionary martyrs, and revisiting the ceremonies of the party pledges, we have a deeper understanding of the revolutionary heroism, the thoughts have been sublimated, the spirit has been baptized, and the soul has been shocked. It is thus believed that the company's leaders often advocate the spirit of Kyushu, talk about the "three more" tree compliance, and must go forward in the face of difficulties. The spiritual concepts of crossing the road and encountering water bridges are in line with the spirit of the revolutionary heroes. Therefore, in the future, we will unite and love each other in ordinary positions, help each other, not afraid of difficulties, fight for innovation, be willing to contribute, and contribute all our strength.

  Storage and Transportation Department: Wang Dongling

  Experience in the red tour

  On the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the founding of the party, the company organized us to visit and study at Baiyangdian and Langyashan, the red revolutionary education base in Hebei. Through visiting and studying, I was educated by the revolutionary tradition, deeply felt the gaps and deficiencies in ideological and political, and understood how to overcome difficulties in the future, how to think about problems, solve problems, and feel the shoulders. We must shoulder our responsibilities on our shoulders, keep our responsibilities in mind, take the example of revolutionary heroes, be proactive, work hard, bring this financial team, do a good job in corporate financial management, and contribute wisdom and wisdom to improve the company's management.

  Finance Department: Ma Ling

  Baiyangdian, Langyashan red education


From July 1st to 2nd, the company organized more than 50 party members and cadres to visit Baiyangdian and Langyashan in Hebei Red Revolution Education Base. Along the way, singing and laughing, under the leadership of the company's leaders, held a red song competition with departments and branches as the unit. Everyone enthusiastically rushed to pick up one after another. The atmosphere was very enthusiastic, reflecting the good team spirit and professionalism of Kyushu.

After arriving at Baiyangdian and Langyashan, through the explanation of the exhibition hall and the commentator, I have a deeper understanding of the advanced deeds of countless heroes and martyrs, that is, for the liberation of the entire Chinese people, in order to drive Japanese imperialism out of China. They throw their heads, sprinkle blood, face dozens of our enemies, do not back down, fight bravely, would rather sacrifice themselves and not be captured, and write countless songs and tears.

By visiting and learning the heroic deeds of the revolution, I understand that when dealing with specific matters, we must take the collective interests of the company as the top, encounter difficulties, be brave enough to take responsibility, eliminate all difficulties, go forward, and have the spirit of giving up the righteousness, not being intimidated by difficulties. As long as everyone works together, under the guidance of the company's leadership, a new and beautiful Kyushu will be presented to us.

  Supply Department: Wang Tao

  Learning heroes, inspirational efforts


On July 1st of this year, the company organized middle-level managers and party activists to visit Baiyangdian and Langyashan, the famous red tourist sites in Hebei Province, to enjoy the beautiful mountains, to regain the heroic road, to remember the brilliant achievements, and to pay tribute to the heroes. The image, the heroic spirit of the anti-Japanese warrior, and the heroic spirit of fearless life and death deeply infects each of us, so that everyone can deeply understand that the motherland is hard to come by today.

Especially in the Langya Mountain, we can understand a lot. The spirit of revolutionary heroism displayed by the Five Warriors in the Langya Mountain against the strong enemies without fear, bravery, and unyielding has become an extremely precious spiritual wealth shared by the whole nation. Today, the heroes of the Five Warriors have been performing for more than 60 years. However, the "Five Warriors Memorial Tower" standing on the top of the Langya Mountain will always evoke memories of the past and will always inspire the people to move toward higher peaks without fear of danger! Along the footsteps of the heroes, we are not afraid of the heat, and we have climbed the Langya Mountain with great interest. Several old comrades who have spent the year, are not afraid of the steep mountain roads. Together with the young comrades, they climbed to the top of the mountain and several accompanying people. The children of the motherland’s flowers also showed strong will and perseverance and insisted on climbing to the top of the mountain. Throughout the mountaineering activities, under the inspiration of the heroes, everyone was sweating, comrades encouraged and supported each other, and triumphantly completed the heroic road, so that everyone received a profound patriotism and revolutionary tradition education.

Today, standing on the cliff of the Five Warriors, there is a steep cliff in the distance, a kind of tragic and powerful. Living in the heavens and the earth, busy with the heavens and the earth, feeling the heavens and the earth, and dying in the heavens and the earth. Heroism is the evaluation of heroes between heaven and earth; heroic is the people's praise for heroes; seeking for them is the call of the times to heroes. The meaning of the country, the value of life, and the search for heroes are also here. Five warriors wrote a hero's hymn with life. Although many years have passed, the hero's name will always remain in people's hearts, and the hero's deeds will always inspire future generations to advance! We have reason to believe that in the place where the heroes fought, under the bright party, our beautiful ancestry is getting stronger and stronger! We will march on the footsteps of the heroes and make the greatest contribution to the development of the motherland’s economy and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. contribution!

  Technical Department: Cao Junhua

  Unforgettable red tour


July 1 is the 96th anniversary of the Communist Party of China. On this special day, the company’s party committee organized all party members and cadres and activists to visit Baiyangdian and Langyashan patriotism education bases, so that everyone who participated in the red tour will Once upon a time, the revolutionary tradition and patriotic education have inspired everyone's enthusiasm for doing a good job. Before the departure, General Zhao and General Zhang emphasized the significance of the event and asked everyone to keep in mind the party's purpose and the trip to the Red Brigade.

When we came to the Baiyangdian patriotism education base, we listened to the explanations of the lecturers at the Yanling Team Memorial Hall, and were infected by the national spirit of Baiyangdian soldiers and civilians who resisted the Japanese, especially the fearless revolutionary spirit expressed by the local military and civilians. . Literary writers describe the literary works that reflect the military and civilians of Baiyangdian against the Japanese invaders, adding to the understanding and understanding of the military and civilian unity against the heroic deeds of the Japanese. At the Five Warriors Memorial Hall of Langya Mountain, I looked at a picture and a real thing, and took the path of the revolutionary heroes and climbed the peak of the Langya Mountain. The comrades were heroic and tenacious, and they died and died. Moving.

On the way back and forth, Mr. Zhao and Zhang always took the lead in singing the revolutionary songs, and the first song was sung. With the whole trip, the red tour was particularly meaningful, energetic and full of positive energy, highlighting the goodness of Jindi Kyushu. Spiritual style.

Through two days of study and learning, I deeply realized the shortcomings in my work. At present, the company is in the stage of tackling difficulties, and all the cadres and workers need to work harder with heroes as examples to make the company get out of the woods as soon as possible. As the person in charge of the production department, I must lead by example, focus on the three major themes of safety, environmental protection and quality, talk about the "three more" to do a good job in production scheduling coordination, build a compliance concept to improve production management, strengthen enforcement, and grasp Good team building, making new contributions to the early take-off of Jindi Kyushu.

  Production Department: Lian Fusheng