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Kyushu Briefing Issue 160


  [Work dynamics]

  Honor change power to create new achievements

  ----He Company's power workshop won the advanced title of "Worker Pioneer" in Anyang City


At 10 o'clock on April 26, 2017, Anyang City celebrated the "May 1st" International Labor Day and Commendation Conference held in the city's party and government comprehensive building. Our company's power workshop was awarded the honorary title of "Worker Pioneer" in Anyang City. Received a grand recognition. This is not only the honor of all the cadres and employees of the power workshop, but also the honor of all employees of the company. In the past 2016, the power workshop worked closely around the company center, working hard, ensuring that the power supply was normal, and struggling to fight the environmental protection battle, and successfully completed a series of environmental protection technical transformation projects. For example, in the construction of environmental dust and dust prevention projects, coal bunkers and slag sheds need to be built in the boiler room. For the convenience of loading and unloading, the coal shed is built more than 9 meters high. The company has never done such a high project, and the difficulties can be imagined. The company's leaders went deep into the construction site, relied on the front command, made up their minds, and found ways to make the workshop work safely and smoothly. At the same time, they also accumulated experience in aerial work. In order to ensure the progress and quality of environmental protection projects, the power workshop united and cooperated and actively digested. Absorbing advanced technology, when the workshop cooperates with the construction unit to install pollution control equipment, it humbly consults and learns from the other technical personnel to understand the basic principles of pollution control facilities. Under the leadership of the company's leaders, it has completed the waste gas and synthetic workshop waste gas treatment projects. Energy saving, cost reduction, the company added a gas boiler. Due to the high degree of automation, workers have never operated such a boiler, resulting in a particularly high cost of steam. The workshop organizes personnel to learn and understand the steam situation in the production workshop. In the specific operation plan, in the case of ensuring the normal production of the workshop, the gas cost is greatly reduced, and the original gas consumption per ton of steam is reduced to 110m3 or less to less than 100m3, which greatly reduces the steam cost.

Honor can only represent the past, and the power workshop staff have expressed their determination to turn the honor they have gained into the driving force for improving work efficiency. They are not arrogant, work hard, and strive to complete the tasks assigned by the company, making it in the year of decisive revitalization. New contributions.


  Production Department: Lian Fusheng

  The company's emergency response plan for environmental emergencies passed the assessment of provincial, city and county experts


In order to fully implement the environmental protection work of enterprises, the company has specially formulated the Emergency Plan for Environmental Emergencies. On May 21, Henan Province environmental protection expert, Anyang City Engineering College professor Peng Conghu, Anyang City Environmental Science Institute senior engineer, city environmental protection expert Fu Jinsheng, Anyang City Environmental Protection Industry Association senior engineer, city environmental emergency expert Chen Ruibao, Anyang City emergency Jia Hongwei, the head of the center, and an expert review team composed of Yan Hongjin, the director of the emergency center of the Tangyin County Environmental Protection Bureau, went deep into the company to conduct an on-site assessment of the environmental emergency plan. After carefully reviewing the company's environmental protection engineering facilities and the environmental protection site, the expert team agreed that the company's environmental emergency plan meets the requirements and is approved.

The following picture shows the provincial and county environmental assessment experts at the review meeting and the environmental protection work site.



  Production Department: Lian Fusheng

  [Quality Control]

  "Four flats and eight stables" have been seriously not adapted to "four no two straight"


At first glance, I don’t know what it means, but it’s not hard to understand when I contact the actual situation. “Flat and stable” is a management model that describes the current conservative and mediocre quality management of our company and lacks the spirit of actively invading the grassroots. “Four and two straight” means that the current state conducts flight inspections for pharmaceutical companies: no notice, no greeting, no listening, no escort, and go straight to the inspection mode at the grassroots level.

In recent years, the National Bureau has increasingly frequent flight inspections for pharmaceutical companies, and has gradually shown a trend of normalization. Only last year, the number of GMP certificates that have been recovered by domestic pharmaceutical companies due to flight inspections has reached more than 150. Our company has been inspected several times in recent years, and the impact and impact have been shocked and dangerous. The profound lessons and pains of the skin are still fresh in our memory.

Under such circumstances, we should all ask ourselves: The normalization of the "four no two straight" flight check is coming, are we all ready? As the saying goes: Only after passing, can you understand that it is difficult to see the rainbow without the wind and rain. But this is not the case. After several flight inspections, did the company learn the lessons straight and become smart? Is it true that the rectification is complete? Does it look at the essence through the phenomenon, understand the causal relationship of things, and the management system runs effectively? On the other hand, the status quo of self-existence, anger is not contending, and there are four doubts: How many times does the quality manager go straight to the grassroots level and go straight into the scene every week? How many times does the quality manager in-depth production of the first line of hands and face to face employees? Are the flaws in the Standard Operating Document (SOP) and Standard Management Document (SMP) fundamentally resolved? Is there a GMP internal audit self-inspection system, that is, whether the ills that are not seriously implemented are completely eliminated?

There are problems in quality management that are normal, and it is not terrible to find defects in the flight inspection. Whether the problem can be solved in time, and whether the defect can be completely rectified, the key is whether we can see the essence through the phenomenon, can we do the same thing, and draw lessons from the failure, which is to measure whether the quality management system is effectively operating, the hub An important yardstick for the full play of the role of the quality management function.

Fundamentally and in principle, the purpose of the GMP flight system is to avoid formalism in the past and the formalism in the GMP certification process. The core content is to implement a fast site without prior notice to the company being inspected. an examination. GMP is the basis for flight inspection. SOP and SMP are the basis for flight inspection. Production site conditions and job performance are the focus of flight inspection. This clearly tells us that the production site and the post employees are the focus and the foothold of the work. It is especially important for the quality manager to be clear: the standard operating documents and standard management documents that the enterprise has established according to GMP requirements, no matter how many, the final performers are employees, and must be reflected by the specific operations of the post employees.

In terms of reason and reason, our company's pharmaceutical production has already met the requirements of GMP, and the experience and experience of standard operation documents, standard management documents, organization and production, and inspections have been more than ten years. Why have we faced the "four no two straight" flight inspections so far, and it seems to be busy, but it is too hot and uneasy. To this end, our quality managers should adhere to problem-oriented and deep thinking.

In the face of the "four nos and two straight" situation, quality managers first solve the problem of ideological anxiety, and deep thinking can be calm. For example, the flight inspection, through comprehensive analysis, focuses on: data integrity, computer system management, process and inspection consistency, material balance and management, pollution and cross-contamination control, verification and quality management, Bacterium assurance and personnel training, etc. If problems are found, they will be resolved through deadlines. The flight inspection is only a form of supervision and management. Its real purpose is to encourage enterprises to actively establish an efficient quality management system and an effective operation mechanism. Secondly, the focus of work is sinking and implementation. Taking the flight inspection as an example, although the company has been busy preparing for the flight inspection, due to the lack of understanding of the common problems in the process of the flight inspection, the staff norms are not in place, resulting in a large number of inspections. Leakage and defects. The fundamental reason is that the production quality management system can not operate effectively, and the role of the management center cannot be fully exerted, resulting in the operation and management of documents and the “two skins” phenomenon of the frontline employees. Grasping the quality management of pharmaceutical production, we must not sink into the heart, implement the work, and glimpse, flashy, flashy, simply by issuing notices, listening to reports, not doing well, sitting in the office signing documents, speaking reports are also not grasping Well, the "self-inspection management system" is bound to be a high-profile book. There is no shortcut to doing a good job in quality management. It is a solid and in-depth production line. It is built with employees and carries forward the spirit of the great country craftsmanship. Like ants and bones, it will "production management, site management, material management, quality system, personnel training, hardware maintenance." The details and work in the areas of calibration, document and record management, and laboratory management are well done. If this is the case, it will not only meet the requirements of the flight inspection, but also achieve the goal of quality management improvement. However, the precondition is that the quality manager will listen to the people's ring, and establish a reform; see the wise and rational, down to earth; fight for the day and night, and work hard.

  Supervision Office: Li Zhiping

  [Staff style]

  Exhibition labor style show


On the eve of the "May 1st" Labor Day, the injection workshop in order to show the employees' dedication and dedication to work, to stimulate the work enthusiasm of the workshop staff to contribute to the quality and safety improvement activities, to improve the staff's operational skills, organize the mobilization of all employees of the workshop , carried out four job operation skills competition activities. The four labor competitions organized by the injection workshop are the potting and tuning competition, the light inspection competition, the packaging, the installation of the word version competition and the packaging manual boxing competition.

After four intense competitions, a total of 11 employees were awarded the title of Job Operational Skills. The winners in the potting and tuning competition are: Ma Bao, Li Xiaoli; the winners in the light inspection competition are: Yin Yinfeng, Chen Yuxia, Liu Yan Juice; the winners in the packaging and installation version are: Sun Shuxian, Zhang Xiujuan, Mo Rui Feng; the winners in the packaging manual boxing competition are: Yu Nannan, Hu Chunxia, Yao Baoqin.

The picture below shows the scenes of each match.







  Company union: Li Zhiping

  Work together to help cooperation

  The antibiotic workshop, in accordance with the concerted efforts of the company's leaders, assisted the cooperation requirements, arranged for the transfer of 7 people to a synthetic workshop, and helped the synthesis workshop to assault the hardware tasks during the re-certification. After dispatching personnel to the post, they will carry forward the good tradition of hard-working and hard-working in the antibiotic workshop, obey the distribution of the workshop, wherever they need to go, do not be afraid of dirty, not afraid of tiredness, especially in the construction of outdoor wall installation. Under the scorching sun, the face was reddened, the sun was dark, and the sun was hurt. Everyone did not complain, and they still tried hard to persist, and finally completed the task smoothly within the prescribed time. This fully reflects that Jindi Kyushu is a united family, and the workshops and workshops are as deep-seated as brothers and sisters. At the same time, it also shows that as long as everyone works together and cooperates with each other, everyone will make a big knife. The big ship of Jindi Kyushu will be able to ride the wind and break the waves and move forward.

  Antibiotic workshop: Wang Hongwei

  [Management field]

  Grasping the outline of the outline


It is well known that in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the standard, the Standard Operating Document (SOP), and the Standard Management Document (SMP). In order to implement the spirit of the program and meet the requirements of the program, any pharmaceutical company has a large number of complete and detailed documents in the formulation and improvement of two documents. In this case, we are collectively referred to as software in production quality management. The hardware inside. From the perspective of management, the formulation and improvement of software is the basic condition and minimum requirement for production. In a common saying, there must be no hard wounds in the software. If there is, it is a low-level mistake, and its responsibility is completely out of the ordinary employees.

The company is now carrying out the Quality and Safety Improvement Year. Looking back and focusing on the quality management of enterprises, from the past to the present, various inspections, especially quality inspections, have been conducted numerous times, and this has also exposed various problems. Comrade Mao Zedong said long ago: "False and frustration have educated us and made us smart." After so many ups and downs in our company, in order to protect the interests of the company, the company has not forgotten its original intentions, for the company to be beautiful. Jingyuan is willing to realize, every quality manager should think deeply, deeply reflect on the misunderstandings and misplaced ideas in the work, work hard on the effective operation of the quality supervision and management system, get rid of the remedy and rely on the overtime Operating mode.

According to my years of production management experience and experience, we can improve the quality by focusing on the good program, and the clean and tidy program can be highlighted. Because, no matter how much and how important the operational and management documents are, it will ultimately be performed by a single production line of employees. Therefore, to do a good job in the quality of pharmaceutical production, or to effectively deal with various quality inspections, the key to the key is to put the operational skills and professional quality of the front-line employees.

Obviously, the responsibility of the program, the quality managers at all levels are duty-bound, and the operation of the project is the duty of the production of front-line employees. The outline is a prerequisite, and the goal is to follow the execution. Doing a good job in the quality management of pharmaceutical production is a systematic project of moving up and down and linking. There is absolutely no "two skins" phenomenon in the outline and the eye. There are ready-made responsibilities and systems in the program. In particular, the quality managers at the top level should take the initiative to move down as a center of gravity, insert the scorpion into the bottom, go deep into the grassroots workshops, actively promote the implementation of the concept and significance, and conscientiously perform the duties of supervision and promotion. . The long-term success and initiative of the strategist will be obvious and logical.

  Injection workshop: Ma Anli


The first is that it covers a wide area. The food is contaminated and can be circled. The water is polluted and can surround the mountain. The air is polluted and no one can run. Either comfort yourself with a purifier or comfort yourself with a mask. The bad organization is the same, affecting everyone.

There is a production-oriented private enterprise, and almost every shipment cannot be supplied on time. The sales department complained that the production center was dragging and pulling, the production center complained that the procurement could not be supplied in time, the purchasing department complained that the financial department deliberately delayed payment, and the financial department complained that the sales would not come. No one in the enterprise has taken the initiative to take responsibility and solve problems, but it is an endless push. In the case of overtime work, no one has taken the initiative to stay overtime. This kind of ethos is contagious to each other, so that the department that wants to take the initiative to take care of the problem is afraid of not being able to afford it. Those who want to stay on duty to work overtime are embarrassed to colleagues. In the end, everyone changed from being polluted to becoming a source of pollution.

The second is that it is harmful. Smog may cause respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in sensitive people, making people feel upset and easily causing traffic accidents. Bad organizational culture is to reduce the efficiency of enterprises, affect the morale of employees, and damage the efficiency of enterprises. Even a star enterprise that has been well-funded, technologically advanced, and has a strong brand, but if it is infected with bad winds, the company will gradually decline.

There is a construction company with high morale and leading efficiency in the entrepreneurial stage. Employees treat their business as their own business, and are willing to give and work hard. In order to do a good job, many people take the initiative to stay at the construction site and take the initiative to apply for projects in other provinces. When the income of some people has reached a certain level, the corporate culture has gradually changed, and the idea of Xiaofu’s security has begun to spread. At the beginning, everyone was reluctant to go to a project far away from home, picking up projects that were close to home, and then simply wanted to stay in the agency. Everyone is afraid of eating a loss, everyone wants to pay more. Slowly engineering accidents are also more, the cost is also high, and the company has lost its competitiveness in the market, and it is on the verge of stoppage at any time.

The third is its invasion. The smog does not cause direct damage to most people. On the night of the pm2.5 burst, the song and dance are still seen. Because it is not immediate, most people are not going to take it seriously. As long as the crisis did not actually fall on him, he chose to forget afterwards. The bad habits of enterprises are the same, because they are not directly affected by capital interruptions and market losses, so more companies do not agree. However, when it is found that the bad wind actually affects the business operation, it is often regrettable. When people are found to be distracted, all kinds of problems have come, and it is already difficult to recover.

The fourth is that it is difficult to cure. To cure the smog is not a one-off event. Even if the wind came, it was only blowing the cockroaches for a while, and the wind stopped, and it was still there. The cost of shutting down most of China's factories is not going to work every day.

If an organization is infected with bad winds, it is definitely not a matter of "enterprise spirit" that can turn things around. It is necessary to make up your mind, have patience, find the root cause, and pay the price.

  Finance Department: Ma Ling