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Kyushu Briefing Issue 157


  [Management field]

  Implement training initiatives to promote workshop production


At the beginning of the new year, the injection workshop actively responded to the company's call for rejuvenation and revitalization, implemented the company's all-staff training and improved quality measures, and insisted on training routineization, index segmentation, operation standardization, inspection regularization, behavior formatting, performance appraisal as training work. The overall target goal is to take the employee job skill operation level assessment as the main carrier and grasping hand of the training work, so that the employee's skill operation ability and comprehensive quality have been significantly improved, which has effectively promoted the workshop production and workshop GMP management level.

The specific approach is to highly integrate each person's theoretical training with job skills, and conduct a dual-integrated training assessment, and the training assessment results are linked to their salary performance. Firstly, according to the production management characteristics of the injection workshop, the workshop refines the post skill operation requirements into 10 small items on the basis of the GMP system theory training. Each item is set to 10 points. The evaluation result is set to the percentage system and is divided into five levels of ABCDE. Then the workshop set up a training and assessment leading group to answer questions based on the actual on-site skill operation situation and on-site theoretical knowledge of each employee, and put forward evaluation opinions. In order to obtain the actual results of the training, and to guide employees to focus on improving the ability to operate skills, the workshop training assessment stipulated that the actual operation accounted for 60% of the total score, theoretical knowledge accounted for 40% of the total score.

Through the training and evaluation based on skill operation, the injection workshop not only improved the overall quality of employees, but also promoted the production management ability and mobilized the production enthusiasm and work initiative of the employees. For example, the potting production line, how to maintain the best fire of the automatic ignition system is a difficult problem. After the post skill operation training, the post staff mastered the best control technology, improved the product quality and work efficiency; formulated the production line, and prepared the ingredients in advance. In the past, the calculations were carried out by the squad leader. The staff members passively listened to the instructions of the squad leader. After the job operation skills training, the employees were required to understand and learn various calculation formulas. Now the employees have been proactively prepared before the preparation operation. The calculation and report to the squad leader to complete the audit not only saves time, but also improves the work efficiency; the equipment of the bottle washing production line is highly automated. After the post skill operation training, the post staff is familiar with the structure and operation principle of the equipment, and now runs on the machine equipment. The sound emitted during the process can accurately determine the operating status, and timely process and adjust the problem, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also improves the product utilization rate.

Attachment: Acupuncture workshop staff post skill operation level assessment form


  Injection workshop: Wang Xiuli

  [Short comment]

  The true meaning of "lifting up the sleeves"


In the speech of the New Year's Day in this year's New Year's Day, the party and state leaders Xi Jinping mobilized the people of the whole country to realize the Chinese revival of the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation. The Chinese dream of "lifting up the sleeves and cheering up" and "selling up the sleeves and cheering" quickly became popular in the whole society. Language, leaders at all levels also quoted this sentence in their speeches to express their pledge. However, to truly understand the meaning of "shoulders", we must understand it from three aspects.

First, "lifting up the sleeves" is an attitude:

It’s better to say that it’s better to do it. It’s better to shout the scorpion. Picking up the sleeves is an attitude to prepare for a big one, and attitude determines the behavior. People who have been in the countryside know that when the people are ready to work in the fields, they must pick up their sleeves. Picking up the sleeves tells you to work hard and tells others that I have to start work! This is an attitude! Attitude is the forerunner of behavior, and what kind of attitude determines what kind of behavior you have. The ideal is far more ambitious, the goal is more specific, and there is no one entrepreneurial attitude. How can there be unremitting actions? In 2017, Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s goal is “93121”. To achieve this goal, we must launch 13 important work initiatives. Imagine how to complete this year without the hard work of raising your sleeves. What are the goals of the work?

Second, "lifting up the sleeves" is a kind of respect:

Do a line of love, a line, what to do. Picking up the sleeves is a respect for work and career. The value of life lies in dedication, happiness, and entrepreneurship. Only in this way can we talk about happiness and happiness. The mountain who looks at the mountain high will only sigh all day, and will only spend time in the complaint. Respecting your own business and loving your own work can continue to develop and succeed. Only when the peasants respect the land can they get a good harvest and smile; if the soldiers only respect the steel guns, they can take care of the homeland; only the teachers respect the platform, and the Taoli world can be fragrant; only the doctor respects the patient, can he reinvent the miracle; likewise, as a pharmaceutical Enterprise employees can only produce high quality qualified products if they respect their own production and jobs.

Third, "lifting up the sleeves" is a kind of spirit:

People do not have the spirit to stand, the country has no spirit, and it is not strong. Picking up your sleeves is a hard work. The 5,000-year-old civilization of China has created the excellent quality of the Chinese nation's humiliation and hard work. The "Kyushu Spirit" tempered in the entrepreneurial process of Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceuticals also contains the concept of hard work and hard work. Everything in the world has been done. In the past, our party relied on one-on-one work and one step to victory. Now, our country relies on bit by bit to do it, and step by step toward national rejuvenation. The country is like this, as is a company. Enterprises need to develop, employees must be happy, Imagine that there is no hard work, no firm belief, where is the excellent brand? Where is the economic benefit? Therefore, in 2017, every cadre and employee of our company must start from a spirit of solid work and do a good job in every job.

  Supervision Office: Li Zhiping

  [Kyushu Wenyuan]


Early spring three songs

First, people are busy early in the morning

Not waiting for the spring flowers, the synthetic injection has been resumed.

Chunhua Qiuzhen revitalized the year, if the evening newspaper smiled and red.

Second, Hunchun sentiment

Relocated to the seven old years, and only suffers.

Not to be in good spring, and to add to the heart.

The sea is wide and beautiful, and the wind is hanging.

Tiangao exhibition is far-reaching and soaring.

Third, the spring song

The new year is full of red, the mountains and rivers are green and spring.

Everything is revived and the new song is lively.

Kyushu people come to the early spring, and Jindi is now a new life.

It is not a matter of delay in the production of big things.

Carry forward the spirit and work hard, and adhere to the "three more" release potential.

The winners are excited and excited, and the concept of compliance is often led.

I will never forget my heart, and I hope that it will shine.

Pick up your sleeves and cheer them up.

  Supervision Office: Li Zhiping