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  • Ergomycin


    The company's three series of drugs: bio-fermentation raw materials, synthetic r


  • Propafenone hydrochloride

    Propafenone hydrochloride

    The two main products in the chemical synthetic raw material production workshop


  • Nitrendipine


    The two main products in the chemical synthetic raw material production workshop


  • Hydrochlorothiazide


    The two main products in the chemical synthetic raw material production workshop


  • Diclofenac sodium

    Diclofenac sodium

    Our company is the first batch of raw material manufacturer of diclofenac sodium


  • injection


    Our company's small-capacity injection workshop invested 39 million yuan, and in


  • Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection

    Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection

    Specification: 5ml: 0.1g
    National medicine standard word H41023058


  • Sodium bicarbonate injection

    Sodium bicarbonate injection

    Specification: 10ml: 0.5g
    National medicine standard word H41023047


  • Vitamin C injection

    Vitamin C injection

    Specification: 2ml: 0.5g
    National medicine standard word H20045773


  • Inosine injection

    Inosine injection

    Specification: 2ml: 0.1g
    National medicine standard word H41023030


  • Magnesium sulfate injection

    Magnesium sulfate injection

    Specification: 10ml: 2.5g
    National medicine standard word H41023035


  • Calcium gluconate injection

    Calcium gluconate injection

    Specification: 10ml: 1g
    National medicine standard word H41023479


  • Glucose injection

    Glucose injection

    Specification: 20ml: 10g
    National medicine standard word H41023044


  • 01 Anyang City, Henan Province, a backbone of pharmaceutical companies, strong strength Formerly known as Shanghai Jin Emperor (Anyang) Co., Ltd. it is a pharmaceutical backbone enterprise in Anyang City, Henan Province. In July 2009, it was relocated from Wenfeng District of Anyang City to the Bianbu Road, the industrial cluster area (medicine industrial park) of Tangyin County. Covers an area of 130 acres, the second phase of 50 acres...
  • 03 Establish a quality management system to ensure product quality The company has established a standardized quality management system and a high-standard center laboratory, equipped with multiple precision experiments and inspection instruments. All products have passed the 2010 version of the drug quality GMP certification, the product quality is excellent, in line with the latest standards of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
  • 02 Complete product categories, products are sold at home and abroad The company's main products include bio-fermentation raw materials, chemical synthetic raw materials, small-volume injections, a total of 82 approvals, more than 90 varieties, products are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries and regions, in the international and domestic markets. Enjoy a high reputation.
  • 04 Production test equipment, convenient transportation in the factory The company's production workshop fermentation, extraction, synthesis, fine baking, potting and other processes use advanced automatic linkage production line, independent dedicated purification water system, water injection system, air purification system, and water, electricity, gas, wind, Cold fully equipped power system.
    The company establishes a green, clean and environmentally friendly development concept

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    Shanghai Jin Emperor (Anyang) Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Jin Emperor (Anyang) Co., Ltd. formerly known as Anyang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is a key pharmaceutical company in Anyang City, Henan Province. It was relocated in Tangyin County from Wenfeng District, Anyang City in July 2009. Industrial cluster area (Pharmaceutical Industrial Park) Bianque Road, the company covers an area of 130 acres, registered capital of 80 million yuan, fi...


    Shanghai Jindi Kyushu Pharmaceutical (Anyang) Co., Ltd.

    Switchboard: 0372--6250880 Fax: 0372--6250890

    E-mail: jz6250890@126.com

    Website: www.shjdjz.com

    Marketing Center: 0372--6250892

    Sales of APIs:

    Mr. Fu: 135-6903-7762 (Foreign Ministry)

    Mr. Chen: 134-0372-0000

    Mr. Ye: 139-4953-3698

    Miss Du:185-6885-8530

    Injection sales:

    Mr. An: 151-3101-5755

    Supply Department:

    Mr. Wang: 138-3721-3711

    Mr. Zhao: 136-6372-8999

    Mr. Niu: 139-4952-8999

    Human Resources Recruitment: Ms. Song: 155-1878-5470

    Company Address: Tangyin Road, Tangyin Industrial Cluster, Anyang City, Henan Province

    Company zip code: 456150

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  • Care for the Kyushu cause, look at the world market Care for the Kyushu cause, look at the world market

    Many times, when we do something, what we often lack is not knowledge and ability, but the mind, vision and realm. Take our warehouse clerk, although the position is not ordinary,


  • Strict quality control to ensure product quality Strict quality control to ensure product quality

    Quality is the life of an enterprise. We always put quality first. Without quality, companies have no way to survive.


  • Kyushu Briefing Issue 170 Kyushu Briefing Issue 170

    The development and growth of the enterprise is made up of countless entrepreneurial history. The footprints of Jindi Kyushu people's hard work, one by one, they are struggling to


  • Kyushu Briefing Issue 169 Kyushu Briefing Issue 169

    On February 10th, Tangyin County held the 2017 “Five Winds” Construction Work Commendation Conference at the Radio and Television Broadcasting Center. Zhao Wenwu, the chairman of o


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    Now our company has strong technical force, advanced process equipment, complete testing means and broad sales network. After the existing workshops are put into production, it is estimated that the annual sales income will be 350 million yuan and the profit and tax will be 30 million yuan. In order to adjust the product structure, increase new economic growth points, and promote enterprises to become stronger and stronger, the shareholders will decide to introduce funds in various forms and intend to carry out various forms of cooperation with large pharmaceutical enterprise groups. Ways and means can be specifically negotiated, such as capital increase and share expansion, holding, acquisition of shares and debt-to-equity swaps, or investors can bring funds, bring projects, and adopt fixed-reward cooperation methods. Companies rely on various resource advantages, is willing to cooperate with well-known medical research institutions and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Chairman of the company Zhao Wenwu, general manager Zhang Lixia and all shareholders, warmly welcome domestic and foreign knowledgeable and ambitious people to come to our company to invest in the industry and seek common development!